Chakra Clearing yoga & Crystal Crafts

This event will begin with a 60 minute yoga class focused on clearing your chakras. Chakras can become blocked through an emotional upset, such as conflict, loss, or accident. Fear, anxiety and stress are common causes of chakra malfunction. We will work as we flow to open these chakras and clear out any stagnant energy. We will work as we flow to open these chakras and clear out any stagnant energy. During our practice we will set an intention with a healing clear quartz crystal, this type of crystal draws in high vibrational energy and rids our bodies of negative stagnant energy. While in savasana, we will place the crystal on the specific chakra(s) you feel you need to focus on. Post yoga class, you will add this clear quartz crystal to your *Zen Flower* or Zen Twine*. This is the masterpiece you will be creating out of driftwood and shells, with the guidance of local artist Alana Almonte from Anchored Soul. This event is BYOB and all tickets must be purchased in advance.

Why a clear quartz crystal?

Clear quartz is considered the “master healer”. It works well with all chakras to rid of negative energies and to amplify the good energy. It is a universal crystal when it comes to an aid in healing our chakras!

How do I set my intention?

Before yoga, think about what it is you need/want. If you’re unsure which chakra to focus on, we can help you figure that out! A specific chakra does not have to be chosen, it is the intention that matters. Once you set the intention for your crystal, that energy will be put into it and radiate wherever it is placed. 

How big will my Zen Flower be?

All flowers and pieces of driftwood are different sizes and shapes, but generally they are approximately 10-15 inches long. 


April 26th, 6:30pm

What to bring

BYOM-Bring your own mat


*All art materials will be provided for you


The Zen Den

300 Morgan ave

Johnston, RI



All tickets must be purchased in advance

24 hour notice is required for refunds