100% that Witch

Samhain is a time for appreciation of your loved ones, both alive and those who have passed on, but it’s also a great time for spells and rituals of healing, renewing, purifying, clearing, and releasing old bonds. Samhain is the witches New Year, All Hallows Eve-when the spirit world takes flight. The veil is thin at this time. Join Gretta in a yoga practice remembering our ancestors, letting go of what doesn’t serve, and creating space for what does need to come in. This two hour practice will begin by creating a sacred circle, grounding and connecting to our ancestors, a hip and heart opening sequence and ending with a candlelit meditation looking to the light returning. Please bring something that you would like to release written on a piece of paper you can release to the alter. You’re also welcome to bring pictures of ancestors, berries, allspice, mugwort, oak leaves, acorns, rosemary, sage, pine cones, or straw to decorate the alter.


Zen Mafia Zen Den

1478 Atwood avenue (Suite 203)

Johnston, RI


October, 24th 6:30-8:30pm


BYOM-Bring your own mat


Any of the mentioned materials above



24 hour notice is required for refunds

All tickets must be purchased in advance

Class cards may be used towards this event