What is it?

A 45 minute restorative yoga class focused on quieting the mind and body with meditative breath. As we hold poses, a Reiki practitioner will provide distant healing (Reiki) benefiting all who are present. We will end the practice with an extended aromatherapy filled final adjustment, as well as a Reiki method to seal each participants YOKI energy.


Alana Almonte (Owner of Anchored Soul RI and Reiki Practicioner)

Stephanie Kazanjian (Owner of Zen Intentions and certified Yoga Instructor)


Time & Location

6:30 pm

Hops Athletic Performance 

9 Lincoln avenue, Coventry RI 02816


What you need

BYOM (Bring your own Mat)



Ticket price


(All of our events have a 24 hour cancelation policy for refunds)